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Selling Your Property

Whatever your circumstances and reasons for wanting to sell your property, our highly trained staff can advise you on all aspects of selling and how to maximise your financial return.


We offer a range of services including:

  • Free realistic property valuations
  • A professional team of experienced property advisors and support staff
  • Clear marketing strategies to sell your property at its full market value
  • Regular feedback with regards to the progress of the sale of your property


Top tip from experts on “kerb appeal”… how to make that vital first impression count!


First impressions count, so make sure potential buyers get a great first impression when viewing the outside of your home. Failure to do so, and you may find you receive fewer/cancelled viewings or potential purchasers already feeling doubtful before entering your property.



Take a fresh look at your property from different aspects and viewpoints. See how it compares to your neighbours’ and other properties near.


Tidy The Front Garden

Regardless of the time of year, make sure your front garden is tidy and well maintained: hedges and trees timed, plants tidy, lawns cut etc.



Ensure the front gate, fence and door have been recently painted in neutral colours. This can indicate a well maintained property.


Clean The Windows

It is worth investing in a window cleaner: optimising light on the inside and giving a clean image of your house from the outside.



Remember potential purchasers will wait at your front door and will view your cobwebs, doorbell, letterbox and light fittings.



Check your property shows there is adequate parking, so your viewers can park easily when they arrive.



Your neighbourhood is also on display. Your next-door neighbours’ house may not be for sale, but if their property is run down or neglected it may let yours down too.


First Impressions

Next time you walk through your front door, consider the look, smell, sounds and feel. Is it welcoming?


Communal Areas

If you share communal areas, such as the hall, stairs and landings in a block of flats, make sure everyone is aware that you are selling and gently remind them to collect their post and help keep the front garden tidy.